Unique wedding idea for your wedding

If you are searching for unique wedding idea, this means that you want your wedding to stand out. And you must have also been through the typical Chinese wedding banquet for your friends, relatives or even family members where you sit down for a few hours waiting for at least 8 dishes to appear one by one and let’s not forget the most important guest for the wedding, the bride and gloom. But how often do you remember how the bride looks like for the wedding or even what the wedding banquet looks like? Everything must be a blur as all the focus was on the food and not on the bride or the wedding.

5 Unique Wedding Ideas To Make Your Wedding Stand Out

1) Match your outfit with the groom

Wearing the same t-shirt or even outfit can be seen by the typical couple in Singapore. Why not match both of your outfit for your wedding by adding similar accessories with your partner or even matching shoes!

Ladies you still can match your shoes with your groom without going out of style. Have customs shoes with your new surname on your heels and your groom surname on his! Imagine walking down the aisle being Mrs. and Mr. Wouldn’t it be a cute sight to see?


Or even simpler, match your groom bowtie or tie by tying same colored ribbon in your hair or even dip dying your hair tips to make it match! It would not hurt to have a pop of color in your hair with the color trend going on right now!

2) Wedding photo booth

Another unique idea for wedding is to have a wedding photo booth with props where guests could take their images with a camera or phone and print out the images with Fujifilm Instax Share printer, and writing their best wishes on the back of the polaroid! You could also have a wall hanging your wedding photo card with each guest name on it where guest can exchange it with the messaged polaroid.

This way you will have both the printed and softcopy of the images of your guests. You could also share a folder on Drive or Dropbox where you place all the images in there and have your guest download from there their images.

3) Let your guests be your photographer

Nowadays everyone has a smart phone on them and an Instagram account, you could create a hashtag for your wedding on Instagram where you ask your guests to hashtag the post when they post the images on Instagram. Or even ask your guest to download photo and video-sharing app like CapsuleCam and create a wedding website at theknot.com where your guest can share images to your site and you can see all the images and videos your guest had taken. You could also set up a projector to showcase the images took in real-time and to engage more guest to take pictures, you could also set up a contest for the top 3 best pictures taken.

4) Kids Area

You must have been to a wedding where kids are running around all over the place in the banquet screaming and crying.  This unique wedding idea will stop all those screaming kids from running around at your wedding.

Set up a place where kids can gather and play together or place some paper and crayon for the kids to doodle on and you can even print some coloring pages related to wedding like an image of a bride and groom where the kids can color on it. This way you can keep the kids under control and your wedding would not have kids running around screaming and crying.

All the parents would be thanking you for the kid area and thinking that you are smart for having it at your wedding.

5) Have a pop of color in your hair for both you and the groom


Dye similar hair color for your wedding to make both of you stand out from the crowd. The color could be muted and not so bright if you do not want the color of your hair to blind the guests or be more conservative.


If you do not want to dye your whole head you could also dye just the tip of your hair and with the different hairstyles and ways of styling your hair, the color will make the hairstyle more prominent and this will surely make all the female guests in your wedding jealous of your hair.

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