Top 3 Unique Ideas for Wedding Celebration

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Who says reception is the only fun part of every wedding? Sure, a wedding ceremony is about two individuals who’ll exchange vows and swear to love each other until the end. But there’s no reason why it should not be fully exciting and meaningful. Implementing unique ideas for wedding will definitely be fun. Your wedding is one of the biggest events in your life, and it is just right to make it extra special and memorable not just for yourself but for those people who shared their job and happiness. So, why not include some unique ideas to your wedding celebration?
Don’t let your wedding be anything but extraordinary. There are many things you can do to make the celebration more fun and a totally unique occasion. So, if you are ready to take your big day to a more creative level, here are some distinct ideas you can carry out.

  • Tell Your Love Story

Maybe you’ve seen some couples showing a slideshow presentation of their prenuptial photos. Playing a slideshow before the ceremony or during the reception is a unique way to entertain your guests. But you can make it even more entertaining and fun by sharing your love story. Showing a presentation featuring the couple’s love story is surely an exciting way of telling how it all began. You can hire someone to create a simple animation or presentation on how your love story began and share some details such as when and where the proposal took place.

Make the presentation as quirky as possible to avoid boring the guests. The animation doesn’t have to be perfect or crafted by experts; as long as it properly showcases your love story then it’ll be worth. You don’t have to invest a huge budget for this, just a basic animation will do. Watching how your love story flourishes is already a great entertainment.

  • Hire a Hairstyling Booth

A unique wedding idea that’s slowly getting attention today is hiring professional stylists for a hair styling booth at the venue. Many couples have already tried this practical and unique kind of booth for a wedding, and are satisfied with the result. So how does it work? It’s pretty simple! You’ll just need to book the professional hairstylists and then they will have live hairstyling booths at your wedding. All your guests can have their hair taken care of by professional hairstylist without having to pay anything.

Your guests will undeniably appreciate this effort since they can instantly get a haircut or hair styling within the venue – no need to go to a salon for free.

  • Offer Ceremony Fans

Instead of distributing traditional programs on regular paper to all the guests, why not make it more unique? Unique meaning programs will be presented in a different way. Search for wedding souvenir vendor that offers personalisation service. Ask them to have your short program imprinted on the fans. You can give away ceremony fans instead of plain paper to your guests. What makes it more noteworthy is that fact that guests can use it when they feel hot or humid. So they can read the program fans to know the flow of the wedding party at the same time, they can use it to cool themselves. It’s indeed one of the unique ideas for wedding you can try.

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