Hairstyling booth at wedding

hairstyling booth at wedding

Part of planning a wedding dinner is figuring out how to keep your guests entertained while you’re busy getting ready, and in recent years, the wedding industry has seen a myriad of new ideas. From instant photo booths to completely edible, beautifully crafted candy displays, each new trend is more entertaining, more exciting than the one before.

If you’re still looking for a unique pre-wedding activity or an interesting wedding booth, why not give your guests the chance to look their best by setting up a hairstyling wedding booth? You can get ready in peace, knowing that your guests are being well taken care of, and your guests will all be entertained until you’re ready to walk down the aisle.

It’s also a great option if you’re planning on holding a themed wedding! As perceptions of weddings continue to change and people continue to find new ideas to make their wedding unique, getting a hairstyling wedding booth might just be the thing you need to complete your themed wedding! Imagine your guests being able to get their hair professionally done to fit the theme of the night, whether it be flowers for a garden themed wedding, pastel colours for a mermaid themed one, or princess Leia’s trademark hairstyle for a star wars themed wedding!

Setting up a hairstyling booth at your wedding isn’t just a fun and novel idea; it also helps with the mood of your wedding. Better hairstyles usually mean better self esteem for your guests, and better self esteem would probably mean a jollier, livelier and more obliging crowd, which is something you’ll definitely like your wedding dinner to have.

Our professional hairstylists are trained and ready to help give each guest a look that will truly fit them, and it’s a lot of fun seeing what hairstyles they can come up with!

Here at Bespoke hair studio, we can set up hairstyling booths for your wedding. At these hairstyling booths, our professional hairstylists will be present to style the hair of each and every one of your wedding guests, and they’ll bring with them various hair products and tools to ensure that everyone gets a unique hairstyle that they’re happy with.

Even if you’re looking for hairstylists for your themed wedding dinner, or if looking got something funky and unique, we here at Bespoke hair studio will be glad to help you achieve the perfect hairstyle. So If you’d like your guests to fit the theme, whether it be under the ocean to the greats Gatsby, or if you simply want your guests to look and feel good about themselves, then a hairstyling booth at your wedding would be a great idea!

The hairstylists at Bespoke hair studio will be more than glad to help you realise your wildest dream wedding fantasies, so reach out to us and let us be part of your dream wedding today!

If you’re interested in having live hairstyling booths, do contact us, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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