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Getting your hair styled by a professional at a live hairstyling booth

Bespoke hair studio can arrange to set up a live hairstyling booth at any event. We recognise that one’s physical appearance can help leave a lasting impression, especially during certain events. As such, we can, on demand, set up a hairstyling booth to make sure that your guests or participants have a better shot at leaving a good impression.

These live hairstyling booths are a good idea for events such as job fairs, where people will meet potential employers, and photo taking days, where everyone wants to look their best. They’re also very good for more joyous events such as weddings and birthday parties as they’re not just about looking more presentable. Getting your hair styled by a professional at a live hairstyling booth is exciting, and it’s a lot of fun to see how they would style it.

They are also a great option if you’re planning on holding a themed wedding or themed event! As people continue to find new ideas and ways to make their events unique, getting a live hairstyling booth might just be the thing you need to complete your themed event! Imagine your guests and attendees being able to get their hair professionally done to fit the theme of the event, whether it princess Leia’s trademark hairstyle for a star wars themed event or curls and funky colours for a Japanese anime convention.

No matter what event it is, if you’re looking for a hands on, interactive activity for a more mature audience, a live booth for hairstyling is definitely something to consider! It’s a unique, useful and novel activity idea, and whether your event’s catered to a professional, job seeking crowd or a fun loving crowd dressed as their favourite anime character, a hairstyling booth is sure tohelp complete the experience for all your guests!

We’ve done events ranging from weddings to job fairs in universities, and have a wide range of recurring clients. We also have a lot of experience styling and creating hairstyles that suit you!

Bespoke hair studio can set up hairstyling booths live for your event, no matter where or when it is. At these live hairstyling booths, our professional hairstylists will be present to style the hair of each and every one of your attendees and guests, and they’ll bring with them various hair products and tools to ensure that everyone gets a unique, exciting hairstyle that they’re happy with.

Here at Bespoke hair studio, we believe that each person should have a hairstyle that truly reflects their personality. As such, even though you’re having your hair styled at a booth and not in a salon, our highly trained hairstylists for wedding dinner will make sure that each person gets a hairstyle that they’re satisfied with.

So if you’re looking for an interesting, exciting booth for your event, our live hairstyling booths are sure to deliver.

If you have any enquiries, or are interested in having a live booth specifically for hairstyling, do contact us, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

Live Booth For Hairstyling At Your WeddingLive Hairstyling Booth For Your Wedding