Unique Idea For Your Wedding - Hire Hairstylists For Your Guests

unique idea for wedding in Singapore

Wedding ceremonies are probably one of the most stylish events. From the choice of dress to the hairstyle, everything is carefully planned to ensure a remarkable outcome. The bride wears a lovely wedding gown, the groom looks dashing in his suit, and the bridesmaids look beautiful in their dresses. They all look at their best to captivate the eyes of the wedding attendees. And speaking of the attendees, wedding guests should never be neglected in during this special occasion. If you are looking for a unique idea for wedding for your guests, why not hire a hairstylist for them?

Why should you hire a hairstylist for your guest?

Similar to a photo booth, you can dazzle your wedding guests through a hair styling booth. While a photo booth has a standby photographer to capture images of guests, a hair styling booth has one or two hairstylists who are readily available to transform the look of the guests by taking care of their tresses. Guests can get an instant makeover while waiting for the bride and groom to arrive at the reception or while the program is going on. The professional stylists will ask the guest what hairstyle they want and then they will style up based on the preference. A hair styling booth is one of the wedding unique ideas that have become a big hit these days.

Why will guests love it?

A booth with professional hairstylists for wedding dinner will undoubtedly get a long queue. No need to wonder why. The fact that guests can get a new hairstyle for free – no need to shell out some bucks, is basically the simplest reason why they will love it. Women can have their hair trimmed and styled up, either long or short, while men can get an instant haircut. After getting the hair done, guests can go back to the wedding reception with a fresh look. Guests won’t have to worry about their hair since the stylists are professionals which mean their hair is in good hands.

What makes hair styling booth unique?

A hair styling booth isn’t like the other booths employed in a wedding ceremony. It requires professional hairstylists to ensure the guests will be satisfied with the result. Couples can’t just hire any hairstylist wannabe and then have them cut or style the hair of their guests. Finding the best hairstylist is part of the wedding preparation, meaning the couple invested time and effort to get the right people for the job. Sometimes, the hairstylist who did the bride’s and the bridesmaids’ hair are the ones who will do the hair styling for the guests. So, guests can rest assured of the quality of the service.

Advantages of hiring hairstylists

To sum up, there are many benefits in hiring hair hairstylists for your wedding guests. Both the couples and guests can enjoy having a styling booth in the area.

  • Instant makeover for the guests while attending the wedding.
  • Offer new hair style for free, for both men and women.
  • Practical for the couple.
  • Less Hassle. Couples can book them right away.
  • Cost-efficient since it is usually offered in a package

So, if you are searching for unique ideas for wedding, a hair styling booth outside the reception is something you should consider. Your big day will surely become more memorable, fun and fabulous!

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